What does the training involve?

At protel, every employee gets a 1-2-day onboarding when joining the company, where all colleagues get to know each other and all of their important questions are clarified. In addition, there are product training courses and internal team introductions so that no one is thrown into the deep end.

Are night shifts compulsory?

Night shifts are only required in Support. This is due to a growing customer base in the USA. Each supporter works on night shifts, but due to our large support team, each supporter is only expected to work night shifts only every few weeks. Night shifts are compensated extra.

What technologies are used at protel?

Wir haben in den unterschiedlichen Bereichen viele unterschiedliche Technologien im Einsatz, wie z.B. Angular, JavaScript, Java, C++, SQL/NoSQL. Unternehmensweit nutzen wir den Atlassian Stack (JIRA, Bitbucket, Confluence).

How many employees work in the department?

We have a total of 8 departments, two of which are large: support with a good 90 employees and development with around 100 employees. We currently have a total of just under 250 employees.

What is protel's business strategy/vision?

You can find more information about this under "About us" or "Values and Philosophy" .

What does protel expect of me as an employee?

We expect future employees to enjoy getting involved and thinking along with us, as there is plenty of room at protel for them to live out their own ideas. We like to think outside the box and work closely with our colleagues across teams and departments. If you can see yourself within this context, then you are a good match for us!

What does protel offer me as an employee?

protel always offers the opportunity to get involved and help shape the future of hotel software - and that isn't simply a catchphrase! Here you can develop both professionally and personally based upon your specific strengths.

Do I need to be able to speak English?

Yes! We are becoming more and more international and not only have customer contacts in English, but also some colleagues who (still) only speak little German. We also offer language courses within the company, so nobody is left to his own resources. Sometimes, "Denglish" also helps ;)

Can I cook my own food at work?

Yes, we have two fully equipped kitchens equipped with oven, stove, and microwaves. During their lunch breaks, our employees occasionally decide to cook meals together.

Can I meet the CEOs at the office?

Of course, our two managing directors travel the world a lot, but you can just as easily run into them in the kitchen while getting a cup of coffee.

Where can I share new ideas?

Be it technical ideas that you share with your team leader or department manager, ideas for new protel events or the best brownie recipe of all time - ideas are always welcome here at protel!

How often do I get feedback about my work?

Feedback is usually given by the team and department heads on an ongoing basis. In addition, we have fixed yearly feedback meetings, which are conducted in great detail with each individual employee, where goals are also set for the future.

What does the office look like?

Just like we have small and larger teams, we also have both small and large offices. Everyone has an equipped workplace with modern equipment, and in some offices we also have office-dogs.

What should I consider before applying?

Schau dich gerne ein wenig auf unserer Karriereseite um, dann bekommst du einen guten Einblick wie protel “tickt". Falls du Fragen hast, stehen wir dir natürlich auch gern zur Verfügung. Unter Jobs findest du alle freien Stellen. Solltest du da aktuell nichts Passendes für dich finden, freuen wir uns auch immer über Initiativbewerbungen.

What should I consider when applying?

It is especially important for us to know how you "tick", i.e., what kind of person are you, what is important to you and what your goals are. Tell us what drives you and what you expect from us.

How does the application process work?

I.d.R. gibt es ein erstes Vorstellungsgespräch vor Ort mit dem Team- und Abteilungsleiter, bei dem es um ein erstes Kennenlernen geht. Sollte das soweit positiv verlaufen laden wir dich zu ein paar “Schnupperstunden" ein, in denen du das Team und deinen möglichen Arbeitsplatz kennenlernst. So können beide Seiten schauen, ob du zu uns passt und protel zu dir passt. Danach gibt es meist noch ein Gespräch, in dessen Rahmen alle vertraglichen Dinge geklärt werden. Im Idealfall bereiten wir danach den Arbeitsvertrag vor und du kommst zum Unterschreiben vorbei!

Which documents are required?

A resume is useful for giving us an understanding about how much experience you already have and what you have done so far. In any case, a cover letter or motivation letter in which we learn a little more about you as a person is more important to us than letters of recommendation.

What are the working hours here at protel?

There are departments that work according to rosters due to customer availability (e.g. Support) and others that can flexibly organize their working hours where there is only one core working time (e.g. in Development). protel has a 40-hour workweek.

How many vacation days do I get?

At protel every employee has 28 days vacation per annum, whereas on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve the office is closed and doesn't cost you any vacation days.

How often do I go out to the customer?

Naturally, Support or Sales members visit our clients often to perform presentations, installations or trainings, whereas positions (e.g. in Development) are, for the most part, in-house positions. The frequency of you being sent to the hotel depends a little bit on the team, but also on your personal preferences (if you like to be on the road, if you are often assigned to the customer, if you don't like to be on the road, we try to take this into consideration as much as possible).

Is travel time during business trips reimbursed?

Yes, travel time is considered working time at protel. If work is necessary on weekends, compensation days are granted.

What's protel's break policy?

As a rule, our employees have an hour's lunch break. You can of course quietly eat your muesli or sandwich at your desk, as long as it does not restrict your work - of course this isn't possible when talking to customers on the phone.

Is my employment contract limited? What happens when it expires?

We have various types of contracts, depending on the individual positions. Of course, we are always interested in having a long cooperation with you, because protel will continue to grow in the future.

What career opportunities do I have?

At protel you have the possibility to develop into different management positions, or switch to other departments. Take a look at Our employees .

What about further career and advancement opportunities?

At protel, we offer a variety of opportunities for professional and personal development. Just take a look at Further training .

What kinds of internal training programs does protel offer?

We have an internal academy where we train our employees both professionally (regarding protel solutions) and personally (e.g. how to communicate with customers, management training). If necessary, external courses are also offered.

Does protel offer bonuses?

We have very different and sometimes very individual benefits. Check out our “Benefits" .

Is it possible to work from home?

Yes, basically home office is possible, e.g. for plumber appointments etc.. There are individual agreements with regards to home office. Feel free to ask us.

What about work-life balance?

People who work a lot also need free time :-). It's important to us that our employees have a healthy balance to their work - protel gives you a lot of flexibility: if you need a spontaneous holiday or if you don't want to leave your plumber standing in front of a locked door, we always look for individual solutions together (e.g. one-time home office days).

Is there free tea, coffee, and water?

Feel free to help yourself anytime to a selection of fine coffee specialties at one of our fully automatic coffee machines. There is also free tea, cold water (with or without bubbles) and apple spritzer at your disposal.

How often are there team events?

There are two major centralized events during the year for all of our employees from the various protel office locations: the Christmas and the Summer Festival. Every team is also allotted a budget so that they can use it every 1-2 years for smaller events on team level. Besides work, it's important not to neglect fun and we like to be active at this. You can, for example, find us at cross-departmental events like the B2Run or covered in mud at the X-letix-Challenge. A night of games or a cozy BBQ are also very important here at protel.