Further training

Further training

Standstill is a foreign word here at protel. Just as our products have to develop further on the basis of customer requirements, our employees also have to be able to cope with the requirements at work. That is why it is important for us to enable our employees to grow. To achieve this, we offer various training formats:

Internal academy

protel has an internal academy that is constantly being improved and extended. It has its roots in the support department, since our supporters naturally need comprehensive technical product knowledge during their work so that they can support our customers in the best possible manner.
The Academy not only offers product training. Our instructors also offer training that is available to all employees (e.g. designing business processes or customer communication), but also specific training for individual teams. In addition, we offer our managers trainings that are tailored to their needs so that they can better support their teams.
We have also have some exciting projects planned for the future!

Individualized training

Do you need a certain amount of training to really be up to new challenges at work? Would you like to develop more into one area or perhaps even teach other employees something and share your knowledge with them? Regardless if through workshops, fairs, external trainings, or "Train the Trainer" courses - together we will find a way to bring you further ahead at protel.

Language courses

Does your work here at protel require you to have more foreign language knowledge? No problem! We support our employees and offer the right language courses for different proficiency levels - by working together with an e-learning provider, you can freely divide your learning time according to your working hours and leisure activities. The use of mobile apps enables you to improve your language skills while on the go - whether on the bus, the train, or when taking your dog out for a walk.


Further training and fun - and that with the entire department? Impossible? Of course not! The entire development and support departments get together and spend a weekend together at our "protel Developer Camp" (PDC) or our "protel Support Camp" (PSC). Internal and external guests are invited, there are workshops, idea development and team building activities, as well as cross-team and cross-departmental interaction. Of course, fun and refreshments don't fall short.